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2011 has just come to an end; it’s now time for statistics and assessments of all kinds. Allow me to dwell upon the special attention the FCI pays to its national canine organisations as well as to breeders, exhibitors and other sports competition enthusiasts (hunting, utility, Sighthounds races, etc.).

Needless to say these figures show that the cynological world remains intensely active within the FCI member countries despite the tough and sullen times our economic and social spheres are having these days.

First cheering result: in 2011, the number of CACIB shows has reached as much as 870, compared to 821 two years ago.

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Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director

5 Questions for a Show: interview with the President of the Organising Committee, Mr Jan Coppens
Jan Coppens
  1. When was the first edition of the show held and how dit it develop?

    This show is the 35th International Dog Show organised by Kennel Club De Kempen. Our club exists since 1922 but there was not a show every subsequent year. Before World War II, club shows were held. I was told the first edition of international level was organised by the late judge Antoon Renders and it must have been very successful.

  2. Are you happy about this year’s edition?

    Our new formula and the maximum efforts of the entire show team has had the result to bring over 235 dogs more than in 2010 and we are very proud to announce that there are 2,340 dogs entered.

  3. How “international” can this event be considered (judges, exhibitors, etc.)?

    27 Judges are invited from seven European countries.
    Exhibitors from 19 countries take part, among these Canada, United States, England and Ukraine.
    We have some rare breeds in our show like the Cao de Castro Laboreiro, the Danish-Swedish Farmdog, the Russian Toy (longcoated).

  4. What is your strategy (if any) to attract more exhibitors, public and medias’ attention?

    « Uitspot» :twice a day, short announcement during the daily News, 10 days prior to the show on regional radio “Omroep Brabant”;
    A Specially designed poster (by Dominique Coppens), 70 x 100 cm, aluminium-framed, is made and set two weeks prior to the dog show, at 100 spots in the city Eindhoven;
    250 posters, size A3 are set in shops, city halls, veterinarian clinics etc.;
    Announcement in national magazine “ONZE HOND”;
    Information on our website;
    Information on Facebook and Twitter;
    Huge projection screen (6 x 8 meters) and revolutionary daylight beamer for information, live images of judging and opening words;
    Many cups for the winners !

  5. Did you have to take into consideration specific circumstances (social, economical, country-specific, etc.) when preparing and organising this big event?

    We have taken into account the development that more exhibitors bring their own benches.
    We had even more than in previous years to do budget monitoring. In this time of recession we have negotiated with third parties on the basis of the principle “together up and down the stairs”!
    We have made the best use of the digital highway for communication and to register dogs. And this is four languages.
    We have sent Christmas greeting to 2,500 exhibitors with the note that we would like to welcome them again on our show.