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2011 has just come to an end; it’s now time for statistics and assessments of all kinds. Allow me to dwell upon the special attention the FCI pays to its national canine organisations as well as to breeders, exhibitors and other sports competition enthusiasts (hunting, utility, Sighthounds races, etc.).

Needless to say these figures show that the cynological world remains intensely active within the FCI member countries despite the tough and sullen times our economic and social spheres are having these days.

First cheering result: in 2011, the number of CACIB shows has reached as much as 870, compared to 821 two years ago.

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Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director

Eukanuba World Challenge 2011

Eukanuba World Challenge Champion “Reckon” Receives a Standing Ovation

The fifth annual prestigious Eukanuba World Challenge took place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th December hosted at the 11th Annual AKC / Eukanuba National Championships in Orlando, Florida. 41 top winning dogs represented their countries from around the globe, competing in one of the four non-geographical sections for the highly prized title “Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2011” along with the $10,000 prize money.

© Lisa Croft-Elliott
#1 – Australian Shepherd representing USA

The ultimate winner and title-holder of the “Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2011” selected by FCI International All Breeds Judge Enrique Filippini from Argentina is AKC Grand Champion & Italian Ch. Propwash Reckon, a three and a half year old Australian Shepherd who represented the USA qualifying as the BIS Winner of the AKC / Eukanuba National Championship 2010. Bred in the USA and co-owned by Leslie Frank “Reckon” was handled by his other co-owner Judy Harrington. Judy, smiling ecstatically and with a tear in her eye, said ”That was amazingly wonderful to win this with so many outstanding dogs in the ring. I have always wanted to be able to say I am going to Disney where dreams do come true, and now I can”.

Reckon thrilled his ringside audience, receiving a standing ovation from them when he did his winner’s lap of honour. Enrique Filippini said of his winner “I had 12 BIS Winners in my line up in the ring, they were all outstanding but my final decision to select the Australian Shepherd was because he had wonderful movement and breed type, he was in excellent coat condition and he was always so alert and gave that look of happiness that he was truly enjoying himself saying to me ‘watch me and bring me to your home’. His eyes were looking at me asking me to give him this title.”

© Lisa Croft-Elliott
#2 – Toy Poodle representing FCI Asia Section

The runner up was the White Toy Poodle Multi Ch. Smash JP Moon Walk from Japan who was the FCI Asia Section Show BIS Winner. Bred and owned by Yuiko Omura and handled by Toshi Omura, winning the $3,000 prize and the first runner up winning $2,000 was the Lhasa Apso “Ch. Zentarr Elizabeth” representing the UK. Owned, bred and handled by Margaret Anderson.

© Lisa Croft-Elliott
#3 – Lhasa Apso representing the UK
The winning country’s Kennel club will be awarded $5,000; all prize awards are courtesy of Eukanuba.

Ron Menaker, AKC Chairman Of the Board & Show Chairman said “The Eukanuba World Challenge has matured where it is now in a league of its own. A combination of superb, high quality dogs representing their countries, equalled by immense passion and enthusiasm from the breeders and exhibitors, made this a very exciting World Challenge. My thanks to all of the Kennel Clubs who sent us great dogs and to all the judges who officiated."

Rafael De Santiago, Vice President of the FCI said “ The FCI are very proud to see how successful the Eukanuba World Challenge event is and we are proud to be part of it, working in harmony with the Kennel Clubs from around the world, the AKC and Eukanuba. Thank you to Eukanuba and the AKC for making this a wonderful event and for all the work they do for world of dogs. Congratulations to all the breeders and owners with their dogs who took part and to all the judges from around the world who were responsible for selecting the dogs to participate in the World Challenge and to the judges in Orlando who chose their winners.”

David Minnifie, P&G Pet Care – Global Eukanuba Associate Marketing Director “Eukanuba is extremely pleased with the Eukanuba World Challenge being such a well received global event, showing extraordinary dogs from around the world. This is what the Eukanuba World Challenge is all about, bringing together some of the most magnificent dogs. The live streaming with the premiere of Andrew Brace’s live commentary enabled those in the dog fancy from around the world to share in this exciting event.”

© Lisa Croft-Elliott

Live Streaming -Andrew Brace said " I think I can honestly say I have never worked quite so hard in my life as I have over the past few days, but judging by the published comments about the broadcast it has all been worthwhile, and the viewing figures have exceeded our wildest dreams.

Having the facility to take advantage of Lee Arnold's main ring commentary made life a little easier before the wonderful Gina DiNardo joined for an analysis of each group. Eukanuba have given the global dog world a wonderful opportunity to share the excitement we experienced at Orlando and clearly thousands around the world grabbed that opportunity."

Here is what some of the 12 selected finalists said upon exiting the ring after being selected on Saturday night to go forth to the finals on Sunday:

  • Zsolt Hanso (Hungary rep.) “ Just amazing. I cannot believe the feelings that I have”
  • Ante Lucin (Croatia Rep.) “Really excited, really the best”
  • Margaret Anderson (UK rep.) “Amazing”
  • Ami Booth (Brazil rep.) “Surreal, Amazing”
  • Miguel Alejandro Vera. (Argentina rep.) “A great pleasure, very excited, I remember well this feeling from last year.
  • Valentina Popova (Russia rep) “Very very happy. Everything is super”

The Judges Verdict:

Barbara Müller - “I was very pleased with the dogs in my section, they were all very worthy representatives of their countries. They were well presented in exceptional coat and muscle condition with super movement.”

© Lisa Croft-Elliott

C.V. Sudarsan – “All of the dogs were of high quality and in great condition which made the job of judging much more difficult than usual. They were all excellent representatives for their country, it was a great pleasure to be given this honor to go over so many excellent dogs in one ring.”

Zena Thorn Andrews - “A rewarding judging assignment given such an opportunity to judge this fabulous group. It was not easy to separate the dogs as they were all excellent but the winners do have that extra something that makes a great show dog”.

Dr Tamas Jakkel - “I had a very strong group of dogs with amazing quality, breed type and showmanship. The Scottish Terrier oozed type, substance and elegance. The Saluki displayed a very typical Saluki dignified attitude with superb movement and the Australian Shepherd was simply fabulous in breed type and moved like a dream around the ring, never putting a foot wrong.”

The Finals Judge’s Choice for the Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2011, Enrique Filippini said “My winner was both excellent in breed type and excelled in movement, he did not put a foot down wrong. He simply flew around the ring giving his all. He was a very handsome dog possessing everything you would look for in an Australian Shepherd. The look in his bright beautiful eyes said ‘look at me, I am very happy to be here and I want you to know it’. The quality of this dog is wonderful. The Toy Poodle was presented in immaculate condition and handled to perfection. He had wonderful light and springy gait as he moved around the ring, he showed himself off like he had no leash on. All the time he was happy in the ring, always holding his tail correctly. The Lhasa Apso looked like a queen, she was in wonderful condition, very happy and truly balanced. Her movement was very consistent, freely moving around the ring. She was very well handled, the handler was so calm and this reflected in her, a wonderful partnership. She was very feminine and fascinating with her regal and alert attitude, she moved her ears attentively, turned her head towards me looking through her gorgeous head furnishings.”

© Lisa Croft-Elliott

Enrique continues “My sincerest thanks to the AKC, the FCI and Eukanuba for this wonderful event and giving me this fantastic opportunity to judge all these great dogs. I thank all of my co-judges and the exhibitors for presenting to me their wonderful dogs and all the FCI National Kennel Clubs for sending their excellent quality dogs to this super Eukanuba World Challenge.”

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