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2011 has just come to an end; it’s now time for statistics and assessments of all kinds. Allow me to dwell upon the special attention the FCI pays to its national canine organisations as well as to breeders, exhibitors and other sports competition enthusiasts (hunting, utility, Sighthounds races, etc.).

Needless to say these figures show that the cynological world remains intensely active within the FCI member countries despite the tough and sullen times our economic and social spheres are having these days.

First cheering result: in 2011, the number of CACIB shows has reached as much as 870, compared to 821 two years ago.

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Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director

Eindhoven International Dog Show

On the exact day the Dog Show in Eindhoven – in the south of Holland – started, winter hit The Netherlands. With over 800 kilometers of cars standing still on the highways, the country was one big traffic jam. But in Eindhoven they didn’t get bothered by a bit of snow. “The show must go on”, they said. The show went on, and became a big success.

While many organisations of dog shows see the amount of exhibitors decrease, by an average of ten percent over the last few years, Eindhoven welcomed ten percent more dogs and their owners. How did they do that? “By working very hard!” says Jan Coppens, chairman of the cynological club ‘De Kempen’ that organised the show. “We have put a lot of effort in announcing our show, both to visitors and exhibitors. And we used the modern means of communication: internet and social media to keep informed as many dog lovers as possible.
This year we welcomed 236 dogs more than in 2011. A result we’re proud of.”

A burning e-mail

Just before Christmas 2011, the organisation counted only about 1200 applications, where at least 2000 exhibitors were needed to cover the costs. “The application closed at the beginning of January, so we were getting a bit nervous”, says Jan Coppens. “That’s when we decided to send out 2500 e-mails. Sending the people our best wishes for the holidays, and reminding them of our dog show, for which they could still register. We told them that they were very welcome in the Eindhoven exhibition halls at 3, 4 and 5 February 2012. The e-mail contained a cosy looking video of a moving fire-place, which drew the immediate attention of the recipients. And it worked. Shortly after sending our e-mails, we received over 1100 new application forms. The overall result were 2340 exhibitors, who travelled to Eindhoven from twenty different countries.”

This year the Eindhoven Dog Show introduced a puppy/baby category. “Previous years we only allowed dogs from six months and older”, says Coppens. “The fact that this year also dogs from four months of age, and older were allowed on the exhibition floor, caused us not only more applications, but also an increased number of dog loving visitors. Furthermore we have decorated the city of Eindhoven with approximately 300 advertising posters, announcing our Dog Show. We made modern looking billboards on which we informed the people that on 3, 4 and 5 February an international Dog Show took place in the Exhibition, stating the website of our cynological club where they could find further information. That’s enough. Nowadays people check all their information on the internet. You need far less paper these days.”

In spite of the bad weather, people had hardly any trouble finding the road to Eindhoven. “On Friday however it was a problem”, says Coppens. “The snow started, the weather became very bad. But on Saturday and Sunday, when the roads were cleaned up, we had the pleasure to welcome a nice amount of people. The atmosphere was perfect, the organisation went smoothly and our new team of volunteers gave it their best. We can look back on a very good show, and we are proud of the result.”

2012 Was the second year in a row that a Bull Mastiff won the Eindhoven Dog Show. This time the beautiful male Social Giant Thunder was the one that took home the BIS-award.

A. Best in Show and winner FCI group 2: Bullmastiff Social Giant Thunder (Owner A.C. Bolle)
2: Affenpinscher Billy Bongo v Tani Kazari (Owner M.W.A.H. Cooijmans and F. Rossier)
3: Newfoundlander Teddybär van de Berenstal (Owner R. & W. van Gestel)

B: BIS-2 and winner FCI group 5: American Akita Ruthdales U Cant Touch This (Owner . M. Huls)
2: Siberian Husky Hightower's See Here is little Frosty (Owner G.S Schäfer)
3: Finnish Lapphund Elbereth Matkamies (Owner Mr. P. Jackson - UK)

C: BIS-3 and winner FCI group 3: Welsh Terrier Nagant From Michel (Owner P.M.J. Krautscheid)
2: American Staffordshire Terrier Castle rocks Sbigstaff N-Joy (Owner D. van Oijen)
3: Scottish Terrier Tamzin Mr Prospector (Owner Miss.C. Hovagimyan - F)

D: BIS-4 and winner FCI group 10: Barsoi Bugor Ljoebov Krylataja Ljoebov (Owner A.M.Th. Gielisse)
2: Whippet Supeta's Ziggylicious (Owner M. Veenstra
3: Galgo Español Zarandillo Querida Camarista (Owner A. Schute)

E: BIS-5 and winner FCI group 9: Lhasa Apso Nikita (Owner M. Radstok)
2: Boston Terrier Kennedy ́s Wild Rock N ́roll With Hessenvilla (Owner Mrs. C. Münch - D)
3: Pekingese Ch. Klerks Hof Anything Goes (Owner A. Klerks-De Lucchi)

F: BIS-6 and winner FCI group 6: Grand Basset griffon Vendéen Holmchappel Bien En Vie (Owner Dr. J. Holm)
2: Rhodesian Ridgeback Roseridge Red Rastaban (Owner J. Fürst - S)
3: Beagle Dynamic Flyer's Posh Teddy (Owner B. Neumann - S)

G: BIS-7 and winner FCI group 1: Bouvier des Flandres Nikolaev Calla (Owner A.M. Hall - UK)
2: Old English Sheepdog Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal (Owner C. Verelst- Loest - B)
3: Welsh Corgi Pembroke Riverside Cailleach (Owner W. J. Dijkhorst)

H: BIS-8 and winner FCI group 4: Dachshund, shorthaired Ch Grandgables Ms Just A Tease (Owner P. P. Meier)
2: Dachshund, wire-haired Olga Wind in de Wilgen (Owner B.P.M Waltmans)
3: Rabbit Dachshund, long-haired Semiramida Santander (Owner A.C. Lagerweij)

I: BIS-9 and winner FCI group 7: Irish Setter Houston of the Travlin' Star (Owner A. Hendrix - B)
2: Small Munsterlander Zanko vom Pannrack (Owner G.J. Pouwels)
3: Stabyhoun Stabylands Foppe von Anne-Djulre (Owner H.M.A. Venner)

J: BIS-10 and winner FCI group 8: Field Spaniel Reedmace Potcheen Bunratty (Owner T. Wilbers-Boerekamps)
2: Labrador Retriever Everwoods Eagertrieve Iceman (Owner J. Verbeek)
3: Welsh Springer Spaniel Inma's Rising Star Again (Owner I. v. d. Beuken)

Exhibitors Eindhoven Dog Show
The Netherlands 1748
Belgium 265
Germany 241
France 27
UK 19
Ireland 7
Sweden 7
Norway 4
Canada 3
Hungary 3
Denmark 2
Finland 2
Italy 2
Spain 2
Croatia 1
Luxemburg 1
Poland 1
Ukraine 1
Switzerland 1
Total 2340

© Ria van Middelaar-Froma
From left to right: Jan Coppens (chairman show committee), Hugo Stempher (Board Member Dutch Kennel Club), Nieke Bolle (Owner of the BIS), Evert Wieldraaijer (BIS Judge), Piet v.d. Meulengraaf (show committee member KC De Kempen)

Janine Verschure for Dutch Kennel Club